Car Rentals in Pennsylvania | Best Deals & Locations

Planning a road trip through Pennsylvania’s beautiful sights or need a ride during your visit? Renting a car is perfect.1 You can choose from various car types, from budget-friendly to luxury. We’ll show you how to find the best deals and where to rent in the state. This way, you’ll enjoy your trip with a reliable car in Pennsylvania.

Key Takeaways

  • Pennsylvania offers a diverse range of car rental options to suit your needs and budget.
  • Renting a car can be a convenient way to explore the state’s cities, natural wonders, and historical sites.
  • Understanding Pennsylvania’s rental laws and regulations can help ensure a smooth and compliant car rental experience.
  • Booking in advance and considering off-airport rental locations can help you find the best deals on car rentals in Pennsylvania.
  • Popular vehicle types for Pennsylvania rentals include standard cars, premium SUVs, and sports cars, each offering unique advantages.

Top Cities for Car Rentals in Pennsylvania

Philadelphia stands as the biggest city in Pennsylvania, drawing business and leisure visitors alike. You’ll find top car rental companies, such as Hertz, Avis, and Enterprise, at the Philadelphia International Airport and across the city. Maybe you’re looking to see Philadelphia’s historic spots and lively neighborhoods or explore Amish Country nearby. Wherever you’re off to, plenty of car choices are available.1


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s second-largest, is a top pick for car rentals. It’s known for its rich culture, outdoor fun, and close location to the Appalachian Mountains. Having a rental car here makes it easier to see the sights and make the most of your visit. At Pittsburgh International Airport and all over the city, you can easily rent a car from major rental companies.2


In Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley, Allentown is a city on the rise with many options for renting cars. Whether you’re here for business or fun, you can pick up a rental from agencies like Hertz, Avis, and Enterprise at the Lehigh Valley International Airport or downtown. Renting a car in Allentown means you can easily explore the area’s beautiful nature, historic spots, and lively culture.1


By Lake Erie’s shores, Erie is a gem for nature lovers and those looking for a peaceful escape. Here, you’ll find various car rental services, including Budget, Hertz, and Enterprise, at the Erie International Airport and in the city. A rental car in Erie is perfect for visiting the beaches, parks, and other hidden gems that are harder to reach by bus.

Pennsylvania Car Rental Laws and Regulations

When you rent a car in Pennsylvania, you need to know its seat belt and child safety seat laws. All passengers must wear a seatbelt when the car moves.3 Kids under four need a car seat, and those four to eight should use a booster seat. Knowing and following these rules can make your car rental experience better.

Seat Belt and Car Seat Laws

Pennsylvania has a lot of animal crossings, especially in rural places. On roads like the Pennsylvania Turnpike, watch out for deer, opossums, skunks, and foxes.4 Keep a safe distance from other cars to avoid hitting animals or swerving.

Animal Crossing Awareness

Understand Pennsylvania’s rules for traveling to other countries when renting a car. You can usually take your rental car to Canada with the rental company’s permission. Tell the company about your plans and get a Canadian insurance card.5 But for Mexico, you’ll need special insurance before crossing the border.

Cross-Border Travel Regulations

car rentals in Pennsylvania

To get great deals on car rentals in Pennsylvania, you should do some research. Find out what different rental companies are offering. Our data shows that 25% of people got cars for $57 or less.6

Booking your car a day earlier can save you money. Off-airport rentals are usually 6% cheaper. Airport rentals cost more. Also, luxury cars are often discounted by 49% on average.6

Booking in Advance

Booking early is key to finding the best prices. People who booked a day before their trip saved money. This early booking allows companies to manage their cars better. It lets them offer lower prices.6

Off-Airport vs. Airport Rentals

In Pennsylvania, you can choose to rent from an airport or off-airport spot. On average, off-airport rentals are 6% cheaper.6 This happens because they have fewer costs, and they can make their prices more competitive. But remember, the added convenience of airport pickup might be worth the extra cost for you.

Popular Vehicle Types for Pennsylvania

Standard cars are top picks for rent in Pennsylvania. They fit up to five people and have lots of room for bags.1 These cars are great for those on a road trip alone or with a few friends. They also save on gas, which is a plus. This makes them a super choice for exploring Pennsylvania’s cities and countryside without spending too much.

Premium SUVs

For more room and flexibility, travelers in Pennsylvania often go for premium SUVs.7 They can hold up to eight people, perfect for large families or groups. Being bigger, they are ideal for longer trips, adventures, and seeing all of Pennsylvania’s sights. From the cities to the mountains, they have you covered.

Sports Cars

Want to make your Pennsylvania visit more thrilling? Think about a sports car rental.1 These cars are all about performance and style. They attract attention wherever you go, whether through the state’s beautiful roads or its buzzing cities. Even though they might cost a bit more, the chance to drive something fast is exciting for many.

Tips for a Smooth Car Rental Experience

When you’re in Pennsylvania and it’s time to return your car, remember to refuel. This will help you avoid extra fees. Renting companies often charge more for gas than local stations. So, fill up close to where you’re returning the car.8 Or, you can pay for fuel ahead of time. Then, return the car with an empty tank. But, you won’t get money back for any gas you don’t use.

Refueling Options

If you’re under 25, be aware you might face extra charges. This is on top of the usual rental fee. Most places rent to those over 21. But, rules can vary by company.8 Always check the rental place’s rules on ages and fees. Doing this before you book can save you trouble later.

Age Requirements

To rent a car in Pennsylvania, you need a valid driver’s license.9 If your license isn’t in English, you might need an International Driving Permit. This could prevent fines or other problems. Sometimes, you’ll also need to show more documents. This might include a proof of your travel back or where you’re staying. Make sure to ask the rental company what they need from you.

Documentation Needed


Renting a car is a great idea for exploring Pennsylvania’s different places. It’s perfect for both work trips and vacations. The state has a lot of car rental choices that can match what you need and what you can spend. Thanks to deals in over 70,000 places, you’ll easily find the right car for your journey.

Knowing where to rent cars in Pennsylvania is key. Big cities like Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Allentown, and Erie are great spots. It’s smart to learn about the laws too to make renting easier and fun. At Philadelphia Airport, the daily cost is about $81. Compact cars, on the other hand, can go as low as $34 a day. This shows how you can snag good deals and pick the best places that suit your trip.

Learning how to get the best rental deals is wise. Tips like booking early and looking at places not at the airport can save you money.6 Car rental prices vary all year, with deals any time between January and December. Depending on the car, you can pick the best time to rent and save big.

Ready to explore Pennsylvania? Renting a car opens the door to finding the best deals & locations. This means you get to experience the conclusion car rentals pennsylvania freely and at your own speed.

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