Compare Rental Cars Rates: Find the Best Deal for You

Compare Rental Cars Rates

Finding a great car rental deal can help your travel budget. KAYAK is here to help. It searches many sites to show you the cheapest deals. You can compare prices for an airport car rental or a local car rental. This makes finding the best deal quick and easy.

With KAYAK, you can check out many discount car rentals. You’ll find everything from luxury cars to SUVs to vans. Whatever you need – pickup trucksconvertiblescargo vans, or minivans – KAYAK has you covered. It lets you see the lowest prices and helps you rent smart.

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Key Takeaways

  • KAYAK searches hundreds of car rental sites to find the cheapest deals.
  • You can compare prices for various vehicle types, including luxury cars, SUVs, and minivans.
  • KAYAK helps you find the best airport and local car rentals deals.
  • Easily compare discount car rentals to get the most value for your money.
  • KAYAK’s comprehensive search capabilities make it easy to find the perfect rental car deal.

Save Money by Comparing Rental Car Deals

Looking for a car to rent? Finding the best deal is key. KAYAK makes it simple by checking many sites for you. It helps compare cheap and discounted car rentals. Whether you need a car at the airport or in town, KAYAK finds the best prices.

Search Hundreds of Rental Car Sites

With KAYAK, you can search for deals with many car rental companies at once. It shows you the best prices for your pickup and return dates. This way, you can easily find great deals.

Find Airport and Local Car Rentals

KAYAK locates deals at the airport and nearby areas. It offers choices, making it easy to find the best pickup location for you. This is useful for saving money on rentals outside the airport.

Compare Discount Rates for Different Vehicle Types

On KAYAK, you’ll see a lot of vehicle options. This includes luxury cars, SUVs, vans, trucks, convertibles, and more. You can compare their discount rates to fit your budget and needs.

A side-by-side comparison of two rental cars, each with a different price tag. One is more expensive but includes additional features, while the other is more affordable but has fewer amenities. The cars are parked in front of a scenic backdrop, such as a beach or mountain range, to emphasize the idea of saving money on your travels.


Factors Affecting Rental Car Rates

Age Restrictions and Fees

When you rent a car, it’s crucial to know about age rules and possible extra charges. Most places need you to be 21 to rent, and if you’re under 25, you might pay extra. There’s also a Senior Driver Fee for folks 70 or older. Some might not rent to you if you’re in this older group. These extra costs and rules can change how much you pay for the car.

Location Rental Car Rates (Range)
Atlanta $26 – $65
Chicago $29 – $76
Houston $21 – $81
Las Vegas $30 – $53
Los Angeles $29 – $91
Miami $29 – $63
New York $24 – $82
Orlando $32 – $78

When planning your car rental costs, remember to include extra charges for your age. This is because they will have a big impact on your total price.

A colorful bar graph showing the fluctuation of rental car rates over time.


compare rental cars rates

KAYAK looks for rental car deals on many sites. This helps you find the cheapest car rental. Whether you need an airport car rental or a cheap car rental nearby, you can easily compare and find the best deals quicker at KAYAK.

Rental Car Provider Average Weekly Rental Price Discount Offer
National $700
Enterprise $480 Save up to 10% on cheap local car rentals at neighborhood locations
Alamo 5% discount for Alamo Insider program members
Priceline Offers Express Deals with hidden rental agency
Expedia Up to 10% savings with Expedia Rewards account
Costco Travel Limited selection, but may offer competitive rates

Booking a rental car last-minute (7 days in advance) was about 13% cheaper. Downtown locations for car rentals were, on average, $126 less per week than airport locations. This means around a 26% savings.

Booking and Cancellation Options

When you’re thinking about rental car booking and rental car cancellation, KAYAK makes it simple and flexible. Are you looking for a better deal on your existing reservation? KAYAK lets you compare and save money, even after you booked.

KAYAK knows plans change, so we let you cancel for free on many bookings. You can make changes up to 24 hours before you pick up the car. Need to change dates or cancel? KAYAK’s easy to use website will guide you through.

With KAYAK, you always get a good deal and the flexibility to tweak your plans. Check out our variety of rental car deals and discount car rentals for your next journey.

Pickup Location: Airport or Non-Airport

When you rent a car, you can pick it up at the airport or at a non-airport place. The place you choose affects the cost and how easy it is for you to get the car. Think about what’s best for you before deciding.

A study by NerdWallet found that rental car prices are about 26% higher at airports than in downtown areas. Downtown rentals are, on average, $126 less expensive. Keep this in mind if you want to save money on your rental car pickup location.

Some big U.S. airports like Orlando, Charlotte/Douglas, and Dallas-Fort Worth offer the cheapest weekly rental prices, all under $600. On the other hand, the average weekly rental price in Chicago was over $600. This makes it one of the pricier places for airport car rental.

Your choice between an airport car rental or a non-airport car rental will vary based on what you need and prefer in your travel. Think about how convenient, costly, and close to your final stop the pickup spot is when you make your decision.

Recent Customer Reviews

Looking for a great rental car deal? Be sure to check out the latest customer feedback and rental car reviews. This info is key to understanding the experiences of others. It helps you choose the right rental car provider for your situation.

Our findings show a mixed view of Enterprise Rent-A-Car in rental car reviews. The company earned a solid 8.8-star rating but got an F from the Better Business Bureau. This was because of many complaints, some of which went unanswered.

Looking at Trustpilot, more than 20,000 people reviewed Enterprise. They gave it a 2.5-star average. Among the concerns were rates that are 18% higher than the industry average. Plus, airport locations have notably higher fees. There were also complaints about young renter fees and drop fees for one-way rentals being high.

But, there are good points too. Enterprise gives military members, veterans, and federal employees a 5% discount. They also have a loyalty program called Enterprise Plus. Members can earn free rental days and upgrades. By diving into customer feedback, you get a full picture. This helps you see if Enterprise fits your needs and budget.

Exclusive Discounts and Promotions

When renting a car, watch for special deals to save more. KAYAK often offers these great savings on your car rental.

Budget has amazing deals at times. You can rent an SUV for as low as $54 per day or $324 per week. Save up to 25% on week-long rentals too. They also have cheap one-way rentals and low-priced cargo vans.

Members of AAA or AARP get even more discounts. Hertz gives AAA members up to 20% off in the U.S. and Canada. Avis and Budget give AARP members up to 30% and 35% off. These deals help you get a better value on your car rental.

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